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Justice Requires Both Compassion and Activism

LAGOS, NIGERIA – June 27, 2014. Anyone who is from Nigeria knows that putting all our complications aside, there is no place like home. As I take my first few steps off the Boeing 777 and breathe in the early morning air in Lagos, I can’t help but acknowledge the stark dissimilarity between the purpose […]

Washington D.C. Protest at U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C.- August 6, 2014: In partnership with Act4Accountability and #BringBackOurGirlsNYC, PathFinders organized a protest in Washington, D.C. at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on August 6, 2014.  Protesters rallied at the Grand Hyatt, Washington, D.C. where Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, was being honored to remind the Nigerian Government and the international community of their obligation […]