Archives for November 2014

Pathfinders’ Founder Named a New York Abolitionist!

Pathfinders congratulates our founder, R. Evon Idahosa, who is being featured as one of New York’s New Abolitionists (, a campaign which highlights the faces of New Yorkers committed to abolishing human trafficking and other forms of violence domestically and around the world. Visit to view the photography exhibit that celebrates New York’s new abolitionists and highlights her […]

Big Ben Children’s Hospital Partnership

October 2014- Nigeria.  Pathfinders has partnered with Big Ben Children’s Hospital, an annex of Faith Mediplex (with multiple locations in Nigeria), to offer premiere medical care to female survivors of rape and child sex abuse.  The hospital, which is one of the leading in Nigeria, will serve as a rape crisis center, offering top of […]

#TakeMeOffMute™Empowerment Pledge

Take Me Off Mute™ Self Empowerment Pledge Today, I take myself off mute and pledge to amplify my voice.  I will do what I am afraid to do so that I can be all that I am meant to be.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I bear the image of God.  I am beautiful. […]

Child Sex Abuse Training in Ekae, Nigeria

Ekae, Nigeria- October 21, 2014. On October 21, 2014, Pathfinders conducted a child sex abuse training in Ekae, a rural town just outside Benin City, Nigeria. Between ages 5 and 13, these were some of the youngest children that we have ever spoken to on the subject. However, far too many of them were already […]

#TakeMeOffMute™Campaign Launch!

OCTOBER 22, 2014-Benin City, Nigeria. On October 22, 2014, PathFinders launched its #TakeMeOffMute™ (Anti-Child Sex Abuse) Total Self Defense Campaign in partnership with Benson Idahosa University with over 1,500 high school and university students in attendance. Like aggravating televisions from which we want the reprieve of silence, patriarchal society has placed young women and girls […]