What We Do

The Justice Initiative (TJI)
TJI works with multiple partners, including Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Nigeria’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs, various Nigerian Consulates and NGOs, International Organization for Migration (IOM) (Russia), Mayak Foundation (Russia), Piam Onlus Asti (Italy) and On The Road (Italy) to prevent sex trafficking and to liberate women and girls trapped in modern day slavery.  TJI has served as consultants to Nigeria’s Parliament, the UK Home Office (via CPA UK and its Modern Slavery Project) and the Edo State Government. It also serves as an accountability watchdog by demanding that government and non-government institutions which are theoretically tasked with the responsibility to protect survivors of gender based violence and abuse actually do their job. TJI focuses on lobbying for new legislation, ensuring that survivors receive access to justice and legal services, advocating for various causes and championing the abolishment and/or amendment of archaic laws through judicial reform and the mass mobilization of educated civilians.  We are listed on Polaris’ Global Modern Slavery Directory.
At Pathfinders, we utilize an interdisciplinary approach which incorporates both a human rights and an economic development methodology as part of the solution to sex trafficking.  The Anchor is the branch of PJI which not only provides free shelter, but also vocational skills training, start up business training and funding, as well as education scholarships to young women who are susceptible to sex trafficking in Nigeria, an internationally recognized sex trafficking hub. In addition to the foregoing, free medical and counseling services, as well as pro bono legal assistance, are also available to survivors of sex trafficking and rape. In line with our core value of empowerment, we partner with each survivor to develop her own customized PATH (Personalized Action to Healing) PLAN, which consists of any of our available services. In August 2016 and in collaboration with CWFI’s Skill Acquisition Centre, we launched our first ‘The Anchor’ rehabilitation/safehouse centre in Benin City, Nigeria which can host up to 20 female survivors and will be fully operational in September. Our social enterprise, which will hire survivors and women who would otherwise be susceptible to sex trafficking, will be officially launched in July 2018. PJI also partners with local and international NGOs that offer shelter and assistance to survivors of modern day slavery that have been trafficked for sex from West Africa into the developed world.
The Voice
The Voice is the free legal representation arm of PJI which links female survivors of sex crimes with the pro bono services of lawyers, as required.  Our attorneys advise survivors of their legal rights, represent them in Court by watching brief, provide access to information and legal services, assist sex trafficking survivors in creating legal identities post repatriation, conduct research on advocacy issues being championed by PJI, advise on the status of national and international law, conduct trainings and speak at our workshops, trainings and seminars.
TruthTellers is the community transformation arm of PJI which seeks to shed light on PJI’s mission by focusing on the awakening and education of local communities to the injustices ladened in gender based violence and sex trafficking. TruthTellers also promotes the empowerment of women and girls through campaigns, trainings, seminars, outreaches and workshops and engages men as allies in the push for gender justice.  Our #TakeMeOffMute™, #SheSaidNo and #Not4Sale anti-sex trafficking Campaigns are all sponsored by TruthTellers, which also champions our prevention efforts.