Pathfinders Conducts Food Drive for Project Arise Beneficiaries

BENIN CITY, EDO- December 15, 2023 was a day of joy and gladness for 30 beneficiaries of our ‘Project Arise’ as they received humanitarian support (food and basic needs items and toiletries) just in time for the festive period.  This humanitarian support is aimed at improving the physical and family wellbeing of the beneficiaries as well as alleviating poverty and hunger.  

Each beneficiary received a bag of rice, a bag of beans, a bag of garri, a 2 liters of palm oil, a 5 liters of vegetable oil, 5 rolls of sachet tomato paste, 10 packets of spaghetti, one sachet of milk, one sachet of hot chocolate beverage, food spices, a sachet of salt, a sachet of 850g detergent, one tablet of bathing soap, one pack of shaving stick, a pack of sanitary pad, a pack of diapers for women with babies, a pack of melon seeds, ogbono seeds and crayfish as well as a transportation stipend. The survivors were elated and filled with gratitude as they carried home their big bags of goodies.  

‘Project Arise’ is funded by a grant from the Australian High Commission, to which we are grateful. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are Pathfinders Justice Initiative’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the High Commission. To support our work, please email