#Not4Sale Anti-Trafficking Workshop

April 6, 2016- BENIN CITY, NIGERIA.  Before a crowd of over 300 women, Pathfinders’ #Not4Sale Campaign Workshop boldly addressed the terrifying implications of sex trafficking in Edo State, Nigeria, the hub of sex trafficking in Africa: (1) the reality that 6/10 people trafficked to the West are from Nigeria; (2) the fact that of that number, over 90% of the women and girls who are trafficked to work in Europe’s multi-billion sex industry are from Edo State; and (3) the fact that according to statistics, 1/3 young women in Edo State has been recruited into the sex trafficking industry.  The free interactive workshop raised awareness on the subject of sex trafficking, informed participants of the dangers of sex trafficking and provided information on what to do in the event a friend or loved one is being trafficked.  We left with one resolve, i.e., that we would not allow sex trafficking to continue on our watch!  If you see something, say something! #EndSexTrafficking #Not4Sale