Pathfinders Conducts Life Skills Training for ‘The Redemption Project’ Beneficiaries

BENIN CITY, NIGERIA. January 20, 2022 – The Redemption Project (‘TRP’), an ongoing 18-month project which is part of the Action to Support the Fight against Human Trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea (the “ALTP Project”) and is providing support for 50 beneficiaries, launched in August 2021. To kick off the year, Pathfinders Justice Initiative organized a one-day life skills training on Communications for Business, Self-Awareness and Stress Management for TRP beneficiaries to further buttress their journey to healing and sustainable economic independence.

The training provided the opportunity for beneficiaries to understand the unique characteristics of potential customers/patrons so that they can effectively manage transactions and communications with them.  They were also afforded the opportunity to learn how to increase self awareness and how to manage stress/anger, both as entrepreneurs and in their day to day lives. Beneficiaries also had the chance to ask questions and make contributions to the group based on their own experiences. Following the training, all beneficiaries received a transportation stipend and lunch. We are grateful to our facilitators for making the training impactful and engaging for our beneficiaries.

TRP is implemented within the framework of the ALTP Project, which is funded with the financial participation of the European Union, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. We are grateful to Expertise France for its implementation. As the 18-month Project unfolds, we trust that it will serve to transform the narrative as well as the economic landscape for African women who are awakening their muted voices and contributing to their local communities.  For more information on TRP, please email