I am a world citizen. The rape of a woman in the Sudan is the rape of a citizen of the world to whom we are all obligated.
- R. Evon Idahosa
Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful and whatever is powerful may be just.
- Blaise Pascal
Because the idea is, in the long run, that women's liberation will be men's liberation too.
- Gloria Steinem
There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.
- Nelson Mandela
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Peace and injustice are uncommon bedfellows, for peace cannot lie in the presence of injustice for long before rising.
- R. Evon Idahosa
We cannot continue to negotiate with injustice. Now is the time for every woman to arise and amplify her own voice, particularly against systemic powers that do not believe she has one.
- R. Evon Idahosa
As a woman, when you stand for another woman or young girl that cannot stand for herself, you stand not just for yourself but for your mother, for your sister, for your daughters. When given an opportunity to stand, stand.
- R. Evon Idahosa

Our mission is to eradicate modern day sex slavery (sex trafficking) and the exploitation of women and girls in the developing world through empowerment, advocacy, judicial reform and community transformation. We are currently working in Nigeria.

It’s #HumanRightsDay in a world that feels increasingly less human or right. These are the committed hands of women… https://t.co/R6BJ6rQWSR
Dear World, pls spare us your contrived outage and do something about this! #EndSlavery https://t.co/Dh7gLrhmgw
Going LIVE on Facebook with @okayafrica to discuss #humantrafficking and the #migrantcrisis in Libya. Join us!… https://t.co/QFjqWJ1eUn
Is there no rest for the weary? #Nigeria https://t.co/sRbOnXkkYk
Join me today at 1pm EST (7pm NGR) for @okayafrica’s Facebook Live Event where we will discuss #humantrafficking an… https://t.co/Iedxz7WGP9
Join me at 1pm EST today for this discussion on @okayafrica! #EndSlavery https://t.co/0MdQ7QWwmR
Catch me on @OkayAfrica’s FB live event tomorrow as we discuss the #migrantcrisis in #Libya and the sufficiency or… https://t.co/VJcYKbfPQ5
Jesus Christ just accelerated the return date of His second coming. #JerusalemEmbassy #Israel #Palestine https://t.co/sQzjAy8bWA
FYI, Nigeria. FCSC is conducting “massive” recruitment for civil service jobs. https://t.co/AaoWPCo5W8
African #migrants for sale in #Libya. In 2017. Here’s what we @PathfindersJI are doing to help and how you can get… https://t.co/TtVKThRONp
Have friends and family trapped in #Libya as a result of the #migrantcrisis? Here are numbers provided by the Niger… https://t.co/XOFBrAVSXG
Join me on FB LIVE tmr, December 1, at 8pm NGR time, 7pm in London and 2pm EST in the US to discuss the… https://t.co/Ad1BTtJCIc
To date, Nigeria has returned about 4,000 migrants back from Libya. @NCFRMISW contends that another 12,000 remain s… https://t.co/W0yVibWdYM
TOP TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT CHOOSE IRREGULAR MIGRATION TO EUROPE. Your life is important. @PathfindersJI, w… https://t.co/CpQdyC5zdD
Thank you, @BishopJakes, for helping to sound the alarm. We My NGO, @PathfindersJI, is working on this issue in Nig… https://t.co/HCHFFH7QTf
Today is #InternationalDayToEndViolenceAgainstWomen. 1 in 3 women globally is a survivor of physical or sexual assa… https://t.co/z3WM9JjznO
Today is #InternationalDayToEndViolenceAgainstWomen. Are you helping or contributing to the problem? It’s not too l… https://t.co/2wArS7K6wM
Funeral coverage on the death of our 26 girls who drowned at sea earlier this month. Thank you @paraicobrien for co… https://t.co/OjlkerWJp6
Hello Paraic, just emailed you. We are happy to help. #EndSlavery https://t.co/NmnWZE8q5k
So proud of our survivor, *Hope, who, having completed her vocational skills training, is ready to launch her small… https://t.co/3HGGtPCAZo


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