I am a world citizen. The rape of a woman in the Sudan is the rape of a citizen of the world to whom we are all obligated.
- R. Evon Idahosa
Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful and whatever is powerful may be just.
- Blaise Pascal
Because the idea is, in the long run, that women's liberation will be men's liberation too.
- Gloria Steinem
There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.
- Nelson Mandela
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Peace and injustice are uncommon bedfellows, for peace cannot lie in the presence of injustice for long before rising.
- R. Evon Idahosa
We cannot continue to negotiate with injustice. Now is the time for every woman to arise and amplify her own voice, particularly against systemic powers that do not believe she has one.
- R. Evon Idahosa
As a woman, when you stand for another woman or young girl that cannot stand for herself, you stand not just for yourself but for your mother, for your sister, for your daughters. When given an opportunity to stand, stand.
- R. Evon Idahosa

Our mission is to eradicate modern day sex slavery (sex trafficking) and the exploitation of women and girls in the developing world through empowerment, advocacy, judicial reform and community transformation. We are currently working in Nigeria.

So proud of the work being done in Italy by our Italian partner, Piam Onlus Asti, to free our Nigerian sisters... https://t.co/jR4F0iGJDd
So proud of the work being done by our Italian partner, @piamonlus, to free our Nigerian sisters from… https://t.co/Gpd4Vlg0IB
Pathfinders is a leading NGO in Nigeria at the forefront of addressing the human trafficking and migrant crisis.... https://t.co/7D439b3Fe6
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To mark #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay, we are providing FREE vocational skills training to 15 potentially vulnerabl… https://t.co/YpMDicVYTl
Today is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay! What are you doing to ensure that you’re aware of the dangers? Visit… https://t.co/qq51fn3JL5
We look forward to joining @OnTheRoad and being a part of this international conference on #HumanTrafficking in... https://t.co/74gIIPJ222
Only days into 2018 and the sad news of migrants continuing to die in the Mediterranean Sea already permeates... https://t.co/Xcyoy0ZRkQ
Unfortunately, we don’t provide this kind of help but if you contact us, we can refer you to some of our partners t… https://t.co/CvWbuBuGSN
Every woman and girl deserves a seat at the table of her life. Our mission is to unapologetically create that space… https://t.co/ohmtefUVQG
Close to a radio? Listen to us on KU 92.7 FM Radio in Benin City today at 11am, as we discuss our work and our hope… https://t.co/1NjMp4nSU3
It’s not too late to make a year end donation to support our work at Pathfinders with survivors of #sextraffickinghttps://t.co/WhlLWDx9V4
Grateful for these committed volunteers who have sacrificed of their own time and resources because they believe... https://t.co/9y94yIV9CZ
Grateful to partner with our survivors who have chosen to rebuild their broken lives. From graduating from skills t… https://t.co/6vFIPnBmTG
Of the 6,000+ survivors of the Libyan #migrantcrisis who have been repatriated to #Nigeria, about 80% are from... https://t.co/Zm67N7saPl
We’re excited to be a part of #ontheroadonlus’s international #humantrafficking conference in January 2018!… https://t.co/hGCBfUIQ7t
At Pathfinders, we are creating viable alternatives to prostitution, which many women in our context in Nigeria vie… https://t.co/5CbQX6Lf8d


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