‘The Pathfinder Project’, Our Social Enterprise, Continues to Support Our Survivors

The Pathfinder Project is our social enterprise, the arm of our work which generates innovative ways to continue to support our work and the growing businesses which we have helped our survivors start.  We encourage our survivors to think outside the proverbial small business model box in Nigeria, i.e., businesses that are limited to tailoring and hair dressing.  Rather, via motivational interviewing, they are encouraged to find their source of passion and purpose, i.e., their unique creative energy that inspires hope in others.  As such, we have helped survivors launch unconventional careers in photography, sale of timber, ankara shoes, bags and accessories and so much more.  Others are staying socially relevant by creating masks, hand sanitizers, personal hygiene items and natural hair care products.  Those who choose more traditional careers, such as fashion design and catering, meet with marketing and social media experts who drive innovation into their respective businesses to give them a competitive edge that sets their businesses apart. All survivors receive accounting and small business start-up support.  As a result, even amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our survivors continue to thrive.

⁣If you’re on social media, please take a moment to follow The Pathfinder Project on Instagram at @pathfinderprojectngr. Check out some of our survivors’ growing businesses and products; support and patronize them by direct messaging us.  It will encourage these young entrepreneurs to keep going, particularly in this challenging COVID-19 economy.  Thank you in advance for your support!