PJI’s ‘The Redemption Project’

In addition to the support we provide for survivors of trafficking who were trafficked outside of Nigeria, Pathfinders also intentionally seeks to rescue women in prostitution within Nigeria- whether they are being trafficked or voluntarily prostituting as a means to an end.  Our local trafficking Project is ‘The Redemption Project,’ providing economic alternatives, free shelter, medical care and legal and counseling services to survivors of the life.

Statistics show that most women, given the option, would leave the life if four aspects of their well being could be addressed: (a) shelter; (b) viable and sustainable economic opportunities; (c) healthcare; and (d) education. We are working to grant these women access to viable alternatives, to restore agency and self determination- what we all deserve. ⁣⁣

To learn more or to join and/or support #TheRedemptionProject, call (0817-612-3228) or email info@pathfindersji.org. Every contribution helps. #Not4Sale #EndTrafficking #SheSaidNo