PJI Survivors Hone Their Accounting Skills and Learn How To Brand Their Small Businesses

Every woman has a story.  We are honored to journey with survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation as they emerge from victim to survivor to business owner. Beyond rescuing women from trafficking, we also employ an economic development methodology to ensure that survivors are slave-proof, i.e., no longer vulnerable to being retrafficked. This requires, among other things, that we support them in forging a path towards long term, sustainable economic independence.

Every quarter, our survivors who we have supported in starting small businesses are afforded one-on-one training with accountants, entrepreneur specialists and/or branding experts to discuss the status of their businesses and how to scale them.  Bottlenecks are identified and solutions are proffered to ensure that these businesses have the support to thrive.

And our survivors are committed to their futures. Even with their toddlers, they come to learn. To grow. To change Nigeria.

Thank you to our volunteer expert lecturers, Ms. Promise Osama, an accountant, who helped our small business owning survivors hone their accounting skills and Mr. Jindu Nwabudike who provided his expertise on branding at our training on April 20, 2018.  Thank you to all our volunteers and staff for all you consistently do to reassure our survivors that beauty can indeed emerge from ashes.  #EndTrafficking #Not4Sale