PJI Provides Ongoing COVID-19 Relief for Our Survivors Via Our Food Drive

In line with our mission to prevent sex slavery and to create space for women who have been denied access to sustainable economic empowerment due to the ongoing economic instability that has generated hardship for most Nigerians, including many survivors of sex trafficking, Pathfinders conducted a food drive on October 28, 2021 to support 20 women survivors of sex trafficking.  With support from the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Pathfinders supplied basic needs for at least 20 families of women survivors, most of whom are daily wage earners on the brink of abject poverty.  Each survivor received a sizeable portion of rice, beans, garri, sachets of tomato paste, a carton of noodles/pasta, salt, seasoning cubes, bathing/washing soap, palm and vegetable oils, sanitary towels and toilet tissues. Each survivor also receive transportation stipend to and from the food drive.  Prior to receiving the items, the survivors were trained on how to distinguish their businesses from others on the market and how to properly package the goods.

It is our hope that despite these difficult times, at least some of the mental and physical strain being sustained by our survivors will be alleviated via Pathfinders’ ongoing support. We are grateful to our partners at the OHCHR for its ongoing support and for making the food drive possible.