PJI Organizes Medical Outreach for 30 Beneficiaries of ‘The Freedom Project’

September 7, 2022- BENIN CITY, EDO. In an effort to further reduce vulnerability to trafficking, our medical outreaches are designed to conveniently deliver quality health care to our busy beneficiaries. At each outreach, we stress the importance of securing regular medical check-ups, while simultaneously providing free access to such wellness checks and a safe platform for beneficiaries to ask trained practitioners as many questions as needed concerning their health.

To this end, on September 7th, Pathfinders collaborated with a team of medical doctors from the Association of Resident Doctors at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) in Benin City to provide the necessary health care to 30 beneficiaries of ‘The Freedom Project.’  Training sessions were provided on sexual health, maternal childcare, family planning, oral health and on performing a breast self-examination. Screenings were conducted for blood pressure, high blood sugar, body mass index and oral health. Finally, a question-and-answer session afforded beneficiaries the opportunity to inquire about medical issues that required clarity.

All beneficiaries were provided with refreshments and a transportation stipend at the close of the outreach.

The Freedom Project is funded by a grant from the United States Department of State, to which we are grateful. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are Pathfinders Justice Initiative’s opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.  To support our work, please email info@pathfindersji.org.