PJI Conducts Trainings for ‘The Redemption Project’ Beneficiaries

APRIL 2022, BENIN CITY, EDO STATE- The Redemption Project (‘TRP’), launched in August 2021, is an ongoing 18-month project implemented within the framework of The Action to Support the Fight against Human Trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea (the “ALTP Project”), which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

As part of the Project activities, Pathfinders organized a life skills training on building self-esteem and confidence (post trafficking experience) and a business training on business/personal model canvas to help beneficiaries through rehabilitation, reintegration and their journey to sustainable economic independence.

The training afforded the opportunity for beneficiaries to understand the varying forms of self-esteem and how to build upon a positive self image. The training session was enlightening and therapeutic for the beneficiaries who were actively engaged throughout.   Project beneficiaries also learned how to build a good business and personal model canvas to excel in their chosen Personalized Action to Healing (PATH) Plans. Small group sessions allowed beneficiaries to bond, ask questions and make contributions based on their own experiences. Following the training, all beneficiaries received a transportation stipend and lunch. We are grateful to our facilitators for making the training impactful and engaging for our beneficiaries.

We are also grateful to the European Union and Expertise France for their support, which has made publication possible. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Pathfinders Justice Initiative and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.