‘Pathway to Freedom’ Conducts Food Drive for its Beneficiaries

BENIN CITY, EDO- JULY 2023. ‘Pathway to Freedom’ Part 4 (PTF 4) Project was launched in January 2023 to provide humanitarian support, economic empowerment, vocational skills training, capital to start-up small businesses, financial literacy training, medical support and counseling services to beneficiaries who are survivors of sex trafficking. The Project also offers basic necessities to beneficiaries, which we delivered through a food drive.

As part of the PTF 4 food drive, all 30 beneficiaries received an array of provisions and foodstuffs, including rice, beans, cooking spices, packs of milk and milo, a 5kg bag of garri, pasta, palm oil, vegetable oil, detergent, bathing soap, sachet tomato paste, packs of melon seeds, ogbono seeds and crayfish, sanitary pads and tissue, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and diapers for nursing mothers. We anticipate that these supplies will support each beneficiary and her family members for several months.

The Project’s recipients were elated and expressed genuine gratitude in recognition of how this support will significantly address their most pressing needs in light of the post-COVID economic hardships they face, further worsened by Nigeria’s high inflation rate.

PTF4 is funded by a grant from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to which we are grateful. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are those of Pathfinders and do not necessarily reflect those of the OHCHR. We remain committed to our mission of empowerment and support for survivors on their journey to freedom and self-sufficiency.