Pathfinders’ ‘The Freedom Project’ Conducts Food Drive for 60 Beneficiaries

JUNE 22, 2023- BENIN CITY, EDO STATE. Our quarterly food drive, which involves distributing food items to each of the 60 project beneficiaries, is one of the many ways The Freedom Project is tailored to the needs of our trafficking survivors. As a result of the distribution, we help our survivors alleviate food insecurity, as much of their monthly expenses centre around food and securing basic humanitarian items. Via our food-based social assistance program, we make a critical difference and help release household resources for other pressing needs.

Each beneficiary received a bag of rice, a bag of beans, a bag of garri, a keg of palm oil, a barrel of groundnut oil, 5 rows of sachet tomato paste, a cartoon of indomie noodles, two sachets of 800g milk, two sachets of 800g milo beverage, food spices, a sachet of salt, five packets of spaghetti, a sachet of 850g detergent, two rows of bathing soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant spray, insecticide, six packs of sanitary pads, two packs of toilet tissue and a transportation stipend.

 ‘The Freedom Project’ is funded by a grant from the United States Department of State, to which we are grateful. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are Pathfinders Justice Initiative’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.

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**Photographs below used with beneficiaries’ consent.**