Pathfinders’ National Guidelines for Rehabilitation and Law Enforcement Stakeholders

BENIN CITY, EDO STATE- Following the success of dual trainings conducted by Pathfinders on human trafficking for Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors and Judges as well as for providers serving survivors of human trafficking in Nigeria, Pathfinders has prepared National Guidelines for Stakeholders on Human Trafficking for Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors and Judges (PJI National Guidelines LET-min) and National Guidelines for Providers Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking in Nigeria (PJI National Guidelines RW-min) – both of which highlight good practices for stakeholders emerging from the trainings.

The Guidelines are provided as a starting tool and are not intended to, by any means, serve as a substitute for adequate preparation in providing rehabilitation services to survivors of trafficking or prosecution of trafficking cases. Additional training materials and recordings of said trainings are available here on our website ( and on our YouTube page (Pathfinders Justice Initiative). Should stakeholders require additional information, please email or call our office on +234 817-612-3228.  We are grateful to all stakeholders and speakers who joined us at the workshops in January and provided their expertise and input to ensure that these guidelines were generated.  The Guidelines were produced by Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Inc. as part of the INSigHT Project ( and with the financial assistance of the European Union, contracted by ICMPD through the Mobility Partnership Facility. Their contents are the sole responsibility of Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Inc. and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union or ICMPD.