Pathfinders’ End of Year Party!

BENIN CITY, NIGERIA- in 2018, we provided skills training and PATH (personalized action to healing) Rehabilitation Plans to almost 300 women across Nigeria.  At our end of year party on December 29, 2018, we celebrated with a few of them who shared stories of triumph- including graduations, marriages, childbirth and the launch of varying Pathfinders supported businesses. Others who are new to our program, via our partnership with the Edo State Task Force Against Human Partnership, were eager to begin their new journeys to wholeness, boldly sharing their goals for 2019.  As part of our collaborative program, survivors launching new businesses had an opportunity to introduce their new businesses and partnerships to the group, exchanging contact information with each other in other to promote their work. We are honoured to walk alongside each young woman.  Their best is yet to come.  We look forward to serving even more survivors in 2019!