Pathfinders Conducts ‘We Survived, We Thrive!’ Adaptive Skills Training (Part 2)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022-BENIN CITY, EDO STATE.  As part of the activities of The Freedom Project (TFP), Pathfinders organised Part 2 of its second Adaptive Business Training for 30 beneficiaries on September 22, 2022.

Nigeria’s rapidly changing market economy has been challenging on our beneficiaries whose growing businesses we helped start a few months ago still require some time to stabilize and garner a good customer base. Well aware of these challenges, we intentionally arm our beneficiaries with the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome said challenges by ensuring that their businesses are relevant to the evolving needs of their target market. Via 0ur Adaptive Business Trainings, beneficiaries are trained on alternate streams of income, with the aforementioned training focusing on the production of tiger nut juice and local ice cream, followed by a comprehensive seminar on branding.

The three hour training began with feedback on the beneficiaries’ performance following the Survivors’ Entrepreneurs Exhibition which we conducted on July 29th (Part 1 of the Adaptive Business Training). Beneficiaries also received advice on how to adequately prepare for future exhibitions. Thereafter, the beneficiaries received step by step instructions from seasoned entrepreneurs on how to make tiger nut juice and local ice cream. The trainers shared trade secrets and their personal experiences in the businesses which not only served as a steady source of daily income but also helped them generate enough income to train their own children. To conclude the session, a branding expert broke down the steps of successful branding and its significant role in the growth of an up and coming business.

Following the successful training, each beneficiary received a starter pack containing all the necessary materials to reproduce both the juice and ice cream, thus potentially adding same as an additional source of income. Lunch and a transportation stipend were also provided for each beneficiary.

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*Beneficiaries’ images are used with their informed consent.