Pathfinders Conducts “We Survived, We Thrive!” Adaptive Skills Exhibition

BENIN CITY, EDO STATE, JULY 29, 2022. Pursuant to ‘The Freedom Project, ’ (TFP), Pathfinders organized Part 1 of its second Adaptive Business Training by conducting a Survivors’ Entrepreneurs Exhibition.

Our team of 13 beneficiaries consisted of several successful PJI entrepreneur alumni as well as some TFP beneficiaries who we believed were prepared to take on the challenge of participating in an exhibition of their products.  Learning from the well seasoned alumni entrepreneurs, TFP beneficiaries prepared the requisite minimum order of their products for exhibition and were able to sell said items to the general public, thus realizing the profits.

The Adaptive Skills Exhibition served as both a learning and profitable experience, as well as an opportunity for Pathfinders to showcase the products of beneficiaries from the following departments: catering, furniture (throw pillows), food items, ankara crafts, female clothing, male clothing, and hair wigs. The Exhibition afforded the beneficiaries an opportunity to practically show off all appropriate adaptive business skills learned over the project’s lifetime and facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring and support. In an effort to ensure the sustainability of TFP, we also used the opportunity to speak to future donors who came to support the beneficiaries on issues concerning the welfare and holistic care needed for survivors and at-risk women in Edo State.

All beneficiaries were provided a lunch package and a transportation stipend at the Exhibition’s close. We had a wonderful time!

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