Pathfinders and WOFS (Abuja) Provide Hearts of Hope Support for IDPs at Gwoza-Bama IDP Camp, Abuja

ABUJA, NIGERIA.  On March 3, 2017 and in partnership with Word of Faith School (Abuja), Pathfinders organised an outreach which provided almost 300 Hearts of Hope packages (food, clothing and basic hygiene items) to survivors of the Boko Haram insurgency at the Gwoza-Bama IDP Camp in Abuja (Area 1), Nigeria. The camp is currently hosting 2,700 survivors in Nigeria’s capital city, 30% of whom are young children (many orphaned by Boko Haram). According to Camp Coordinator Idris Ibrahim, the camp is desperately in need of food, accommodation for survivors and medical assistance.  They are only able to educate the children up to primary school level and older students cannot further their education due to limited resources.

We are certainly grateful to the over 100 engaged and conscientious students who were excited to serve and who donated all the items for our Hearts of Hope packages to the camp. Thank you, also, to the teachers and staff who also donated and helped us organize the outreach.   That being said, the camp desperately needs additional support (watch our Facebook LIVE video below). If you are willing and able to support the Gwoza-Bama camp, please contact us via email: Thank you for caring!

“I was made to appreciate life better, when I came for the charity outreach held at the Gwozo Bama IDP camp done by my school, Word of Faith, Abuja, in collaboration with Pathfinders Justice Initiative. It was truly a blissful event. The day started off like any other day, with students arriving to school. It was officially brought to a start, as we committed the event into prayer, that I was opportuned to lead. My excitement grew, when we began arranging the ‘Hearts of Hope’ and preparing cards that held messages, that could make [survivors] smile.  After the preparatory arrangements, we set out to leave for our destination, and when we got there, I saw myself at the entrance of a little place some people call home. It was truly an emotional moment, to see alot of little children singing and welcoming us. When it was time to distribute the hearts of hope, the children were so eager to see what were in the bags. I had a satisfying feeling when I saw their faces light up, as they received the gifts. It was priceless. I tried socialising with a few of them, and it felt nice to be laughing, and playing with them. This experience has made me to be more optimistic about life. It has inspired me to start up something, that would help little children smile. Seeing children who do not have access to the privileges that are freely given to me still smile brings a huge one to my face. I learnt that we should be able to show love to people, regardless of their tribe, religion or gender, as it is like opening a door of happiness for them.  I feel that the society should get into action, to help people in need. We should support NGOs like Pathfinders Justice Initiative, by sparing our time and resources willingly. Giving ourselves out in service would truly help ease a person’s situation, no matter how small the effort may be.”  

-Theresa Adama, Word of Faith Student