NAPTIP Releases 2018 Report

ABUJA, NIGERIA- Nigeria’s anti-trafficking agency, NAPTIP, has released its 2018 Report, highlighting its efforts in 2018 to combat human trafficking in all its forms in Nigeria.

Highlights include the following:

  • 1,076 cases received by the Agency, of which 206 (19%) were fully investigated with 823 apprehended suspects (450 men and 373 women).
  • Of the 1,076 reported cases, 233 related to foreign travel for prostitution, representing the largest category of reported cases.  The second largest category of reported cases (111 total) related to the employment of a child as a domestic worker and inflicting grievous harm.
  • Of the 227 cases received by the Legal and Prosecution Department of NAPTIP, the largest category of cases (78) related to procurement of persons for sexual exploitation.
  • A total of 75 of 227 cases received by the Legal and Prosecution Department were charged to court, including a few from 2017.
  • Of the cases charged to Court, NAPTIP obtained 31 victories, losing just one case.
  • NAPTIP reports a total of 50 convictions in 2018.
  • A total of 1,173 victims of trafficking were rescued by NAPTIP in 2018 (190 men and 983 women), of which 222 (18.9%) were rescued after being procured for foreign travel that promotes prostitution.  Of the 222 procured for foreign travel that promotes prostitution, 219 were women.
  • Children represented 49.5% of rescued victims in 2018.
  • The largest category of rescued victims (143) were from Edo State, followed by Kano (123) and Benue (106).
  • Of the 239 victims rescued outside Nigeria, most (101) were rescued from Libya by the Agency, followed by Cote d’Ivoire (16).
  • The three primary destination countries were victims were intercepted in the course of being trafficked were Mali (31), Saudi Arabia (23) and UAE (13).
  • The 2018 Report notes that from inception of the Agency (2003) to date, NAPTIP has received a total of 6,572 cases, investigated 3,732 of them, rescued a total of 13,533 victims, secured 314 convictions and convicted 388 perpetrators.

To review the report, visit: or click here.