Business Training for Our Sex Trafficking Survivors

EDO STATE, NIGERIA.  We are proud to have just concluded another business training for sex trafficking survivors, spearheaded by one of our entrepreneur experts, Mr. Mene Blessing, in Benin City, Edo State (Nigeria).

At Pathfinders, we utilize an interdisciplinary approach which incorporates both a human rights and an economic development methodology as part of the solution to sex trafficking.

Our goal is structural transformation in Nigeria.  We’re looking ahead, thinking progressively and planning ahead for a Nigeria that will be impacted by climate change and the global migration that may result from that; planning ahead for a Nigeria that will be impacted by unsustainable population growth and urbanization in an economy where the youth unemployment rate is already leading to irreversible atrocity, some of which is contributing to crisis level human trafficking. How will the businesses that our survivors start now contribute to resolving these issues? We are intentional about producing survivors from our programmes that think nationally, globally and add value  through service.  The measure of our success is impact that not only results from our survivors lifting themselves and their families out of generational poverty, but lifting Nigeria and the continent of Africa as a whole. 

We are really proud of the work that we do and the team we are fortunate to have. #EndSlavery #Not4Sale #AllofUs