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PJI Welcomes the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation to Nigeria!

EDO STATE, NIGERIA- August 9-10, 2017.  PJI was honored to welcome the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation on its first ever visit to Nigeria!  The visit brought the team to Lagos and then to Benin City, Edo State, where they were able to meet with a group of our survivors and hear their stories of survival and hope for their futures.  The Foundation also visited our vocational skills acquisition center where survivors receive vocational skills training as well as our safehouse (The Anchor) which will be hosting up to 20 survivors once we are fully operational.  Prior to leaving Benin City, the Foundation paid a visit to our adopted camp, the ICCF Missions Internally Displaced Persons, which is hosting 2000+ survivors of the Boko Haram insurgency.  (Via our Hearts of Hope Project, we are providing legal services, dignity kits, financial support and vocational skills training to IDPs at the camp).  Thank you for visiting us, M. Night Shyamalan Foundation!


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