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PJI Conducts Working Group Session II for its CCM and Focus Group for HERS Africa

August 29, 2022- BENIN CITY, EDO STATE. Following our successful 2-day stakeholders’ Roundtable in July 2022 to initiate the creation of a Coordinated Care Mechanism (CCM) by service providers for survivors of human trafficking in Edo State, Pathfinders organized the CCM’s Working Group Session I, with eighteen (18) organizations in attendance, on August 3, 2022. Thereafter, on August 17, 2022, we proceeded with Working Group Session II, with over twenty-three (23) organizations in attendance. During that session, we focused on aspects of the Standard Operating Procedures for the CCM as well as the protocols and standards of care to be used.  Working Group Session III will be conducted in September 2022, following which we will formally create the Directory of organizations, a shared database and proceed as outlined in our roadmap.

The creation of the CCM remains a welcome development for service providers in Edo State who have long struggled with the frustration of providing services in a manner that is effective, efficient and timely for survivors.  We anticipate that even with the twenty-three (23) organizations signed up so far, we will realize better coordination and care for survivors.

Still in connection with ‘The Justice Project,’ we conducted a focus group meeting with 47 Pathfinders’ survivors on August 29, 2022 to provide feedback on the recently launched Hub of Economic Resources for Survivors (HERS Africa), Africa’s first and only digital, ‘one-stop’ hub to address the unique and complete needs of African survivors as they navigate a path towards self sustainability and economic independence.

The participants were able to test the features on the platform, which includes over 20 training videos in both English and pidgin English on subjects ranging from life/soft skills, legal support, mental and sexual health education, adaptive skills training, a Directory page to aid access to support for users, access to mental health support (counseling) and a real time chat function with a Pathfinders’ representative. Survivors also provided feedback on the effectiveness of our current advertising campaign of the platform on social media, radio, billboards, websites, etc. and offered optimal solutions for drawing additional users to the platform. The participants were provided with lunch and transportation stipends.

We are grateful to all stakeholders who have participated and to the French Embassy to Nigeria’s PISCCA program which makes The Justice Project possible.  To learn more, please email us at


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