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PJI Conducts ACCESS Training for OUR (2) Beneficiaries

BENIN CITY, EDO. On November 22, 2023, Pathfinders organized a training on ‘Right Parenting’ and ‘How to Build and Sustain Healthy Relationships’ to provide holistic parental care support to trafficked and vulnerable individuals. The training was offered to 5 beneficiaries under Project Rise, as well as to 30 other PJI program beneficiaries.

During this training, which was conducted by experts, participants learned the best way to apply varying parental training styles to young children, including how to properly discipline and train them in a healthy manner.  Furthermore, beneficiaries also learned how to build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.  A question-and-answer session was conducted at the end of the training, during which the beneficiaries had a chance to resolve and clarify worrisome parenting concerns.

Beneficiaries received a transportation stipend and refreshments at the conclusion of the training.

The Rise Project (2) project is funded by a grant from the Operation Underground Railroad, for which we are grateful. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are Pathfinders Justice Initiative’s opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of Operation Underground Railroad. To support our work, please email

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