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Pathfinders Trains and Certifies NYSC Youth Corpers in Nigeria

BENIN CITY, NIGERIA- There are good things happening in Nigeria. We are one of them. On September 13, 2018, Pathfinders conducted a human trafficking/irregular migration training and certification for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps NYSC Youth Corpers in Edo State.  The 2.5 hour long “train the trainers” training was intended to empower the corpers on the subjects so that they can serve as Pathfinders’ ambassadors, taking the message of the dangers of human trafficking and irregular migration to schools throughout Edo State, Nigeria’s sex trafficking hub, during their one year of youth service. Subjects covered included, but were not limited to, the distinction between trafficking, smuggling and irregular migration, the root causes of trafficking, trafficking indicators, the most common forms of trafficking, how to identify and assist victims of trafficking, trafficking routes and prevalence and how to report claims.  The training included the narratives of survivors (the most credible messengers with lived experience) as well as drama skits depicting the forms that trafficking takes in Nigeria.  After the training, all attendees were certified, receiving our certificates as evidence of their completion of training, following their pledge to fight human trafficking in Nigeria.  Thank you to all that attended and our incredible organizing team for a job well done. If you would like to have a similar training conducted in your community, please email  Human beings are #Not4Sale.  Let’s end trafficking together!

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