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Pathfinders Trains Additional Volunteers In Lagos!

LAGOS, NIGERIA- in 2018, we added an additional 150 volunteers to our growing Pathfinders volunteers base (now close to 300).  On December 28, 2018, we conducted a “train the trainers” workshop on human trafficking and irregular migration for 18 of those volunteers in Lagos, Nigeria.  The trainers, who will head our team of over 100 volunteers in Lagos, were trained on the nature of trafficking in Nigeria, the dangers of trafficking and the conflation between irregular migration, smuggling and trafficking.  The trainees also learned the signs of trafficking, how to engage with and interview a trafficking survivor and the available resources in Nigeria.  They will help to amplify the work that we are doing to stem the scourge of human trafficking in Nigeria. Thank you to all that attended.  We look forward to lighting more paths together in 2019.

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