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Pathfinders’ Survivors Launch New Businesses!

DECEMBER 2016- Benin City, Nigeria.  Because we value Empowerment, we recently launched several small businesses in fashion design, clothing sales, soft drinks sales and hair make up for some of our repatriating survivors who returned to Nigeria after being trafficked to Russia. Others are currently receiving vocational skills training and or business training so that they too can launch their small businesses in 2017.  Our goal is to support these young women until they are in a place where they gain financial independence and are no longer vulnerable to sex traffickers because of poverty.  We are excited about their future!  If you would like to support these small businesses in Edo State and/or purchase items made by survivors, kindly email for additional information.

“After I returned from Europe, Pathfinders gave me hope when I had no hope.  They were like a mother, a father, a big sister to me during what a very difficult time.  They believed in me and helped me start a small business selling soft drinks and water at a market in Benin City.  They have given me joy and hope again and I am able to support myself financially.  What they are doing for women like me is just incredible.  When I think of them, it brings my heart joy because I remember where I came from.  I thank God for them. I hope that one day I can do the same for someone else in this situation. Thank you, Pathfinders,  I’m grateful!”                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Esther O. O., survivor turned business-owner

“[Barrister Idahosa] has been a rock to me.  She has used Pathfinders to help me learn a skill and I see myself not looking like a victim but I’m a survivor and that’s how I see myself right now.  It’s been really a great, great opportunity to be able to know these people.  They have touched my life so, so positively and I am grateful. So these people are real!  They are really God’s given gift to mankind today and that’s the little I want to say. ”                                                                                                                         ~Joyce O., survivor turned fashion design graduate










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