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Pathfinders Partners with British High Commission (NGR) for Panel Discussion at AIS, Abuja

ABUJA, NIGERIA.  On December 6, 2017, Pathfinders participated in a panel discussion organised by the British High Commission on modern slavery/human trafficking at American International School (Abuja).  Represented by Barrister Anthony Osawaru, Pathfinders contributed to the discussion along with panelists from other local NGOs and the British High Commission as they engaged AIS’s senior students (ages 17-18 years).  Some of the discussion points included: (1) why people are trafficked (root causes of human trafficking); (2) what happens along the trafficking route; (3) the role of the British High Commission and NGOs in tackling the issue and providing support for survivors; and (4) what the students (and members of the public in general) can do to help end the scourge of trafficking in Nigeria.  Following the panel discussion, the students were eager to learn more, discussing the issue for almost an additional hour with Pathfinders’ Barrister Osawaru.  In light of the students’ interest and eagerness to get involved in the subject, Pathfinders intends to continue the debate with them, particularly on the issue of policy and how legislation can be used to address trafficking’s root causes.  We are certainly grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with the British High Commission.

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