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Pathfinders Conducts COVID-19 Relief Drive

BENIN CITY, EDO- February 3, 2022. In line with PJI’s mission to prevent sex slavery/sexual violence and to liberate enslaved women and girls through the direct eradication of root causes, Pathfinders provided humanitarian support via a COVID-19 Relief Drive for twenty (20) beneficiaries of our The Anchor Project, an initiative funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Included in the supplies were bags of rice rice, beans, 4 liters of palm oil, sanitary pads, 4 liters of vegetable oil,  2 packs of garri,  2 packets of tissue paper, 1 carton of sachet tomatoes, a pack of facemasks,  a mix of varying seasonings/spices, bar and detergent soaps, 2 sachets of milk, 2 sachets of tea, 1 carton of of indomie noodles, salt and packets of spaghetti. The foregoing were packaged in “Ghana must go” bags (the largest size to accomodate the goods).

Upon receiving the items, the survivors were joyous, particularly in light of Nigeria’s ongoing recession which has resulted from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They expressed their gratitude for the kind provisions, noting that they will go a long way in ameliorating basic issues for themselves and their families.

In addition to the foregoing humanitarian support, The Anchor Project has also provided start up capital for some of the survivors to start small businesses, vocational skills training for others, housing support, financial literacy trainings, medical care/medications, and mental health/counseling services. The Project, which began in August 2021, will run through May 2022.

We are grateful to UNODC for the support.

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