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Pathfinders Conducts Legal Clinic for Beneficiaries of ‘Project Restore’

BENIN CITY, EDO STATE- On May 31st, Pathfinders conducted a legal clinic for 50 survivors of sex trafficking and women who are at-risk to being trafficked. Included as part of the event beneficiaries were 30 survivors of sex trafficking from Project Restore, a United States Department of State supported project. During the training, beneficiaries received expert legal advice and guidance from our legal team on navigating the Nigerian legal system, particularly relating to their context in Edo State. Participants gained valuable insight into the various agencies involved in handling legal cases in Nigeria and learned about accessing pro bono services. One-on-one sessions with lawyers provided personalized support, answering personal legal questions and leaving participants feeling empowered. Each attendee also received a transportation stipend and refreshments.

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