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Pathfinders at JAM Summit 2017

NIGERIA, April 13, 2017- Pathfinders was honored to be a part of CFI’s JAM Summit 2017, one of the largest young adult conferences in Nigeria which gathers thousands of university aged students annually. We frankly discussed the intersectionality of sex and rape, a subject which remains taboo in Nigeria. Although the crime of rape carries a sentence of life imprisonment in Nigeria, the reality is that the crime only yields a 5% conviction rate because of the high legal standard to prove a case (eye witness testimony supporting the alleged penetration of the vagina by the suspect or DNA evidence), the stigma associated with rape and its gross under-reporting. We took on the issue head on and challenged men and boys to redefine masculinity.  Following our appearance, we were opportuned to provide our PATH (Personalized Action to Healing) Plans for many survivors who requested help.  #EndRape #SheSaidNO

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