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From Our Executive Director: Rantiade Evon Benson-Idahosa

JULY 8, 2024: When I resigned from my law partnership ten years ago to found Pathfinders, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I encountered was life giving and transformative; moreso for my own heart than for those who we humbly partnered with in service. Today, we emerge as Nigeria’s leading anti-sex trafficking organization and are proud to highlight our milestones, achievements and the impact we have collectively had since I commenced operations as a solo practitioner in 2014.

Over the last ten years, we have used “outside the box” thinking, coupled with innovation and technology, to disrupt Nigeria’s trafficking landscape and to take a formidable stance against sex-slavery in advocating for gender justice and human rights. Our achievements have been made possible by the dedicated work of our now 12-crusaders strong team, our resilient survivors and the generosity of our donors who have enabled us to successfully implement multiple, diverse projects over the years. These initiatives have enabled us to provide holistic support to over 5,000 primary beneficiaries, including those trafficked, within and outside Nigeria. Our secondary beneficiaries are in the hundreds of thousands.

By utilizing a 3-generational holistic model, which has included economic empowerment programs and start-up capital, financial inclusion and literacy, shelter, medical care, legal assistance, counseling, adult literacy and education scholarships, we have made tangible impact in the lives of our survivors and those at risk to trafficking. Here are a few of our notable achievements:

It is with joy and renewed strength that we celebrate this decade of service by reaffirming our dedication to standing in solidarity with our survivors, amplifying their voices and leading the charge for a just, safe and trafficking-free world.

To this end, our goal is to raise $100,000.00 throughout the month of July to continue our transformative work with survivors across Nigeria. Every $1,500.00 ensures that each survivor receives the holistic services outlined above.

We are grateful to each of you and thank you for your generosity, which has been invaluable in achieving our collective goal. Please continue to support our work by giving whatever you can. International donations can be made via our website, Zelle ( or via Guaranty Trust Bank: Account 0164719490 in Nigeria. 100% of all proceeds will go towards serving survivors of sex trafficking and sexual violence across Nigeria.

Thank you for 10 life transforming years for 5,000+ beneficiaries who are now slave-proofed against trafficking. Here’s to another 10 for 10,000 more!

Yours in service,

Rantiade Evon Idahosa
Founder/Executive Director

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