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Join us as we celebrate FIVE years!

Letter from Founder & Executive Director, R. Evon Benson-Idahosa

As I look back over the years, the time seems to have flown by but yet, I have lucid recollections of the journey and the winding path it has taken us to emerge as one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in Nigeria.  As a thought leader, our voice has resonated in spaces that I could only have imagined when we started. We have been honored to serve as consultants for various national and international governments, agencies and organizations. We have trained and advised Parliamentarians, drafted anti-trafficking legislation, reached millions over the years through our various outreaches/campaigns and  forged partnerships with partners in seven countries. Most recently, we brought stakeholders together to collaboratively identify gaps in the national response to human trafficking in Nigeria.

But what I am most proud of is that we have concretely partnered with hundreds of survivors to ensure that their path to recovery has been graced with dignity and that their voices are amplified and represented.  (Many of you supported our launch of The Anchor Safehouse in March last year and I am thrilled to advise that it is now fully operational.)  We are known for excellence in survivor care- so much so that so that in June of this year, we had to place survivors on a waiting list, as the demand for our support has been so high.  And so even as we celebrate, there is much more to do.

So here’s my appeal. 

To celebrate 5, our goal is to provide support for 50 survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation via our MAIID For More Campaign! For every $100 donated, a survivor will receive skills training, medical, counseling and legal services, as well as shelter for one month. $1,000 will provide support for each survivor for a year.

I know you believe in the transformative nature of this work so please give whatever you can. No amount is too small and 100% of all proceeds will go to one of the 50 women who desperately need to be reminded of her worth and value.

In Nigeria, please donate via our Pathfinders Guaranty Trust Bank account (Account 0164719490) or via PayStack here: Outside Nigeria, please donate via PayPal or via our website here:

From Pathfinders and all the brave survivors we serve, thank you for your love and support over the years!

Yours in service,

R. Evon

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